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Ethernet Exchange Update

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this blog ranks quite highly in Google searches for Ethernet. This made me feel quite guilty that I hadn’t updated the exchange availability list for what seems like forever (since 2009 in fact which is effectively forever in this industry).

That situation has now been remedied and the updated list of BT Ethernet enabled exchanges is now available here.  In keeping with what must clearly be an authoritative page on the subject I will now have a hunt round for the equivalent Talk Talk and Virgin Ethernet lists and those of any other network partner we might use.

Note this is different to FTTC/FTTP,  both highly popular search terms herein.

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Latest FTTC Broadband Exchange Announcements – Poetry to Some People’s Ears #BT #infinity

Appreciating the poetic beauty of the latest FTTC broadband exchange list…

latest list of BT FTTC exchanges announcedFTTC broadband was in the news again yesterday. Sometimes when these big announcements are made there is so much media coverage that it is better to sit back and reflect before putting hand to keyboard. Let everything sink in. Come up with some juicy facts and pearls of wisdom that the mass online media and blogosphere will have missed in their rush to cover the news and get Google rankings.

The first thing to note is the poetry of the list of exchanges; Aintree, Alloa, Arbroath1, Ardwick, Arkwright, Arnold. Bilston Bishopworth and Blyth (Northumberland). This is a beautiful list. It makes me all emotional thinking of the history there is in some of these names.

Some of the exchanges are a bit on the bland side – Eastville for example. I’m sorry if you are an Eastville dweller but it does sound like some made up place on Facebook. Maybe BT slipped it in to see if anyone noticed?

For some reason Boldon has been slotted in at the end after Woodhouse, Wrexham and Yeovil – almost as an