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Fusion-io cool technology but embarassing “refridgeration” gaffe

fusion-io graphics technologyGraphics technology vendor Fusion-io had an impressive display on their booth yesterday at IP Expo, marred somewhat by what is presumably a  gaffe by their marketing department.

I didn’t spot it until reviewing my photos when I came to write this post. The banner atop the booth has a glaring spelling mistake.  I didn’t notice it on the day so it may be that nobody else did.  Unfortunately here it is now for all to see.

PS any speling mistake on this blog is either deliberate or a typo – please let me know if you spot one and I will corect  it imediately.

Unfortunately it is too late for Fusion-io who otherwise look like an impressive company 🙂

PPS maybe it’s the American spelling?

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ITSPA Awards move to BT Tower in 2011

BT Tower (source Wikipedia)I was at a busy IP Expo yesterday for an Internet Telephony Service Providers’ Association (ITPSA) council meeting and launch of the ITSPA 2011 Awards. ITSPA is sponsoring sister event UC Expo which is being held at Olympia on 8/9 March 2011.

The ITSPA Awards have attracted growing interest in the VoIP community since their inception 3 years ago. We have traditionally held them at the House of Commons – in one of the members bars. The venue has been a big part of the attraction.

Unfortunately (or fortunately – depending on how you look at it) the demand for space has meant that the room we have used in the past is not big enough so a move is called for.

The 2011 Awards ceremony will be held in the BT Tower. I am lucky enough to be a frequent guest of BT at the tower and it must be said that this is a terrific venue. The quality of the catering is also outstanding and I think this a very suitable new home for the event.

The awards, renamed this year “ITSPA Awards in association with UC Expo” will be promoted by event organisers Imago and will be held the evening before the start of the show.

We have in past recognised equipment vendors and service providers for their achievements this year the categories have been extended to cover real world implementations.  These include Best Public Sector UC Implementation, Best Private Sector UC Implementation and Best Small Business UC Implementation.

If you want to know more or to enter the 2011 ITSPA Awards you can visit the website here. Whether you enter or not if you have an interest in VoIP you will want to come along.

Video of the view from the top.

There is more on YouTube of you look for it.