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amusing anecdote – the Ivy restaurant beckoned briefly

The Ivy Restaurant - you know it makes sense :)Received an email out of the blue yesterday. It was one of those legitimate spam emails selling something but from a “respectable” company.

For some reason I read it and found it was an offer to go to lunch at the Ivy restaurant in London.  What’s more it was for a lunchtime meeting on BYOD which is a subject I am interested in and it had a good speaker.

I took a look and it was from someone who was notionally a competitor though I’d never heard of them. I accepted the invitation – within a fairly short time of it arriving.  They must have known I was a competitor – they had my contact details – they sent me the email. I was quite looking forward to lunch at the Ivy.

This afternoon I got an email from the company telling me:

“Hi Trefor, Thanks but unfortunately the event is full now. Kind Regards, xxxxxx”

I found it amazing that the gig sold out that quickly1 – within an hour or two of the announcement. I mentioned this and wished them good luck with the event.

There isn’t really a moral to this tale other than to get your mailing list right. I might never know what it is like to have lunch at the Ivy, unless someone wants to invite me…

1 it took the xmas bash 6 days to sell out though admittedly this is for over 200 people.