Business voip


The VoIP world is changing out of all recognition. Over The Top services allow VoIP to be used in many applications and environments. These services have traditionally been provided using servers performing specific functions. For example voicemail, music on hold, conferencing are all serviced as “discrete functions” by the carrier’s system.

Carriers want to make sure that they never run out of network capacity. To do so not only means lost revenues but annoys users who get “busy tones” and puts them off using the service in future. The traditional way of ensuring that capacity limits are not reached is by overprovisioning network resources (hardware and licenses) which is expensive.

New technology developed by NS Technologies in Cwmbran, South Wales allows networks to adjust virtual resources on the fly using what is known as a Media Resource Broker (MRB).  The MRB opens up new business opportunities for everyone in the VoIP game. A VoIP provider using MRB might, for example, offer new conferencing services on an exploratory basis knowing that if the services don’t take off they haven’t lost a big chunk of cash that they would traditionally have to had invested in the kit.  The MRB also has other value add features such as conference failover and location based resource routing.

The guys at NS-Technologies are sharp and if you are a telco you would do well to take a look at what they have to offer. You can follow them on Twitter at @NS_Technologies and read their press release here (not for the layman).

I wish them luck.