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Six Million Litres of Water Pumped from BT Paddington Exchange Yesterday

A BT employee has reported through our tech support grapevine that apparently the London Fire Brigade pumped 6 million litres of water from the flooded (and burnt) Burne House Exchange in Paddington yesterday.

Sounds like a self extinguishing fire system to me.

We had a quite a few customers affected by the incident with some still offline at the time of writing.

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Fire in Paddington Exchange – Or is it a Flood?

O2 tell us this morning that a flood has taken out the Burne House Paddington telephone exchange in London – they have 115 cell sites down as a result. Apparently fire engines have been seen pumping water out.

Funnily enough The Register is reporting a similar story but this time the Paddington Exchange is down because of a fire!

I suppose they could both be right – pump in water to put out fire – pump water back out afterwards!

It ain’t April 1st until tomorrow so it must be true.

5pm Wednesday – latest news is that the exchange will be down until midday on 2nd April – you heard it first on !