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#G20 summit security kept crowds away

The G20 summit has been all the news this week.  I had planned to go to a Networking Brainstorming Breakfast co hosted by my friend @JeffPulver,  @PaulWalsh and Lauren Feldman.

I was concerned that the level of security surrounding  the G20 would be prohibitive for travelling to London but I went anyway and to my surprise there was no one in town!  No traffic, no queue for the taxi, no problem:-).

This was my first time at an event organised by Paul Walsh and I was pleasantly surprised.  85 or so people turned up with an impressive roster of CVs from the new media and communications community. 

Now here are some interesting stats:

all of the attendees were on twitter – no surprise there
45 of the attendees had their own blog  (I even met some who read this blog which was quite pleasing)
40 of them were either founders or CXO of businesses
Ireland and the USA was represented as well as the UK

A significant number of people present, a third maybe, were in the media and pr game with a slightly lower count from the communications/telecom world.

I met some interesting people including @dailytwitter, @jobsworth, @stevekennedyuk,, Andy Evans of NetCommunities and others.

I can’t tell you where the new world of communications technology is taking us but I can tell you that there is a lot going on in London in this space right now.  It is like the VoIP industry was back in the late 1990s.  Many newbies,  many of whom will fall by the wayside but some exciting new businesses will come out of it.