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Volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining

Every volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining, did you know? 

My wife  Anne is a supply teacher.  That’s a substitute teacher for American readers. Normally she does two or three days a month, mostly to keep her hand in but also to help fund feeding the four ravenous children that run rampant around our house.

In the UK we are coming to the end of the Easter Holidays (Spring Break). Funnily enough over the last couple of days the phone has been ringing almost off the hook with calls from head teachers.  Schools are desperately looking for staff to cover for teachers stranded overseas due to flight cancellations. Anne will be doing as much work next week as she normally does in a month.

As I said every volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining.

PS I’ll be making my own sandwiches next!

PPS as long as there is food in the shops to put in the sandwiches. There’s a lot to be said against globalisation.