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Facebook is the latest tool for announcing school closures

Friend Lindsey Annison commented today on Facebook that both her kids’ schools were shut today due to heavy snow. Their websites , however, had fallen over and were not accessible to view the announcements. 

It didn’t stop the kids finding out though as the news spread like wildfire on Facebook and via SMS. Seems to me that every school should have a Facebook Group controlled by the staff even if it is just an intranet/forum. It would grow content far more quickly than a traditional school website (if there is such a thing) that depends on the good offices of an enthusiastic member of staff to maintain and update.

Last year my wife, who is a supply teacher, struggled for an hour through the snow to a school only to receive a text message announcing its closure just as she got there! She doesn’t use Facebook though :-).

Readers living outside the UK will perhaps struggle to understand these problems – this country grinds to a halt the minute the first snowflake hits the pavement. Two snowflakes almost constitutes a snowstorm and kids all over get ready to build snowmen.   Most schools in Lincolnshire are open today, much to the extreme disappointment of the Davies clan.

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I found out about the school closures through Lindsey too. By comparing notes we both find that neither her area in cumbria or mine in lancs have had any gritters. We have had no salt deliveries, and the farmers have been clearing the roads to get the milk tankers through. We have rung the councils for salt and offered to collect it but there is none to be had. If we spread salt for the villagers and one slips we can be sued. This country is going barking mad. Common sense is a thing of the past. We have coped with far worse weather than this before, the main issue seems to be that councils can’t think, improvise and innovate any more unless it has been signed and sealed in effin triplicate, voted, reported and published.

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