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Line Up Here for FTTC

It slipped my mind when talking about FTTC last week that should anyone be interested in taking this service when we roll it out please let me know.  My phone number and email address can be found here. Otherwise mail to [email protected]

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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2 replies on “Line Up Here for FTTC”

Tref – I could be interested in this. Caerphilly exchnge being wired up as we speak. I’m going to listen to BT next week tell us all how good it is.

I got FTTC installed today. I used to average 2.5mb down, 380kbit/up on adsl. Now with Fibre I get 38Mb down and anywhere from 5 to 9 up. Amazing.

I was just wondering, do you know how to access the OpenReach VDSL2 modem? I’m wanting to find my line stats so I can see what I’m synced at and the BTHomeHub shows nothing of that kind so I’m assuming that data is in the VDSL2 modem. Help anyone?

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