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School moves homework into cloud #digitalbritain #bbdf

This will fan the flames of the Final Third Campaign when I tell them that my kids school now provides a cloud based facility for them to deposit and retrieve files.  These files can be their completed homework, or anything. 

The school uses the facility to post notices, questionnaires, information about homework and social events.  Anything!

This is great. The service uses an external site called Each child gets a 10MB allocation of space. Apart from my getting excited about this from a technical internetty perspective it also brings into stark focus the whole issue of Digital Britain and the Digital Divide – what ever you want to call it, as discussed at length by Gordon Brown this morning in his live broadcast.

Edited screenshot below.

another screenshot from school cloud storage space
another screenshot from school cloud storage space
screenshot from school cloud storage space
screenshot from school cloud storage space
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A lot of schools are doing this, all the rural kids are getting detentions or having to stop behind to do their homework, as your earlier post proved in the audio interviews. You are right, Final third First is there to fight their corner… Power to the kids.

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