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Luxury living and the shape of things to come – laptops at the dinner table #digitalbritain

This is what I call luxury living though I’m sure many will disagree. I’m sat at the dinner table indulging in tortilla chips and dips with my two eldest.  Mum and the other two are away (at Chester Zoo).

The luxury bit, apart from the company of the kids, is the involvement of laptops at the table.  There is plenty of space with the others away :-).  We are actually talking to each other although we are also engrossed elsewhere, in my case writing blog posts.

And before anyone starts calling me a bad dad I gave them total freedom in choice of dinner – Quesadillas on this occasion. Long live Tex Mex and long live the internet!

PS gives another slant on eating off your laptop – iPlayer dinner anyone?

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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One reply on “Luxury living and the shape of things to come – laptops at the dinner table #digitalbritain”

haha, wouldn’t call it luxury living when you are still working eating dinner!
Its the same at our house, the kitchen table is always littered with paperwork, laptops, printers or other clutter. If friends come they tend to bring their laptops too, it is all part of living now, normal, accepted. Just like a phone is now carried by most people whereas in my youth you walked up the road to the phone box, only posh people has their own in the house. Times they are a changin.
We just need the broadband infrastructure to catch up too and we will be rockin.

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