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Haircut Video – Complete and Unexpurgated (Pigeon Versus Broadband)

This is the video that failed to upload from Furrows Farm to YouTube in yesterday’s Rory and Tref pigeon versus broadband race. It is complete and unedited so you might not want to sit through it all. On the other hand you might (we are all different – witness daytime TV).

For reference it was a “number 2 back and sides” at Antonio’s on Wragby Road in Lincoln. Also for reference I went to the Isle of Man for my holidays this year – information that didn’t come out during the haircut.

I have also produced a video of the Tref and Rory pigeon versus broadband race itself. It ain’t pretty – largely because of my limited resources and skills at video production. It is also 8 minutes long so it needs a shorter version to be made available. I will publish the link when I get the shorter version out.

In the meantime here are a couple of links to BBC professionally produced video newsclips.



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2 replies on “Haircut Video – Complete and Unexpurgated (Pigeon Versus Broadband)”

My fiancée just asked me why I was watching a video of a man getting his hair cut, after attempting to explain I realised that there was no justifiable defence to be had and stopped 45 seconds in 🙂 . We’re getting married tomorrow so about 100 people will soon know that I was watching a video of Tref’s haircut.. well that’s some extra pigeon PR for you, of a sort.

Thanks for the amusing feedback. Have a fantastic wedding day and a great honeymoon and although I don’t know her send your fiancee my regards.

All the best

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