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We are in! – new Timico datacentre

Cisco blades are being used at the new Timico data centre in NewarkAt 10am this morning, 28th November 2011 we officially took delivery
Timico development engineers review progress so far at the new Data centre of a datacentre. Not quite the same impact as the ceremony that ended the first world war (10th hour of the 28th day doesn’t sound quite the same as 11th hour of the 11th day) but hey…

I’m not even sure there was a physical ceremony. If there was I wasn’t there but the new build is certainly buzzing with engineers doing their stuff.
EMC storage now in situ at new Timico data centre

Progress is going to be rapid now with the official launch/opening ceremony due on Wednesday 18th January. The box on the right is one of the EMC SANs I showed being delivered on Friday.

The initial environment will have Juniper in the core network with VMware running over Cisco Nexus and EMC. I’ll post more detail on this as we get nearer launch though if you urgently want to know more drop me a line at [email protected].

Timico is using Juniper in the core network of its new data centre in Newark

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7 replies on “We are in! – new Timico datacentre”

By the way the posts on this blog are going through a phase of might be termed uber geekiness. Pictures of bits of networking kit aren’t everyone’s idea of an exciting read. The readers of this blog are a highly intelligent and eclectic bunch and I’m sure those of you uninterested in the deep detail of virtualisation and next generation cloud services will wait patiently for the next “win a Timico mug” competition. Some of the pics are at least colourful 🙂

I am also pleased, nay excited to announce a mince pie competition on the 15th December so make a not in your calendar to visit on that date (need some sort of iCal widget here don’t I?)

Thanks Mark. Interestingly I only noticed the blue lights on the photo – I’m not sure they were visible just stood there looking at the kit. Eerie huh? 🙂

Congratulations Tref and Timico – Building a Data Centre is no mean feat. Hope all goes well for you. I thought that picture with the blue lights on was the new entrance to your secure iPad/HTC testing room Tref when I first saw it 😉

Best wishes

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