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Rolls Royce visit Timico NOC as model example – well impressed

Rolls Royce visit to the Timico NOCIt’s hugely satisfying to get contacted by people out of the blue to be asked if they can come and visit your Network Operations Centre because they have heard that it is a great reference  model.

This was the case with engineering giant Rolls Royce who are building their own NOC and wanted to come and visit ours to give them some ideas. Ten of them turned up for a look around and I am pleased to report they went away mightily impressed. If anyone else out there wants a tour just drop me a line. We are proud of our NOC and the staff that operate it are a great bunch. I am always delighted to show them off to visitors.

PS they didn’t realise they were going to be photographed – it’s a security measure 🙂

Trefor Davies

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7 replies on “Rolls Royce visit Timico NOC as model example – well impressed”

You should have asked for some kind of incentive…. You show them round your NOC and therefore help them out; you get a free car and help you out …to replace your jeep! 😀

More likely he’ll be offered the use of a jet engine instead though how much use that’ll be is debatable.

Rolls-Royce Motors has been owned by BMW for a while now.

I’m assuming Tref meant the operation in Derby which produces jet engines only now.

I saw a documentary a while back about how they build, maintain and monitor them ‘on the wing’, it was interesting stuff and their monitoring operation looked fairly advanced then.

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