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No swearing day? WTF?

Ashley Carl and Luke after being shorn

Taking a look at the narrow letterbox shaped photo Luke, Cark and Ashley before the haircutthat is the header to this post you might be forgiven for thinking that it was a police identity parade. The strange thing is that the guys, Ashley, Carl and Luke are smiling. Clicking on the photo you will see that they are Timico staff, proudly wearing their branded shirts.

The mirth is becasue they have just had a haircut after betting that one of colleagues, Adam Rutter (photo withheld to protectCarl the thinker - from Timico tech support the innocent) could not go for a whole shift without swearing. I know, I know wtf do I hear you say?

Well Adam, who is a really nice guy is an inveterate swearer and undertook to maintain expletive silence in order to raise cash for the “Dogs Trust”. Adam brings his dog into work every day and keeps him in the kennel in the data centre car park.

The guys figured he didn’t have a hope so said that if he succeeded in going the whole day without upsetting Mary Whitehouse they would have their hair shaved off.

Luke looks like something out of the Adams Family whilst having his haircutTbh they really needed the haircut. They will benefit from huge side effects of the act of generosity – their consumption of shampoo will plummet and whenever they go out on the town will be able to squeeze in that extra beer because they won’t have had to spend as much time “doing their hair”.

Thanks to Faye Hemingway for performing the shearing – she has undoubted skills in that direction. Thanks also to Graham Busby for the photographs.

They raised a total of £250 which is great – if you want to chiplooks like a poignant moment for our Ashley in you can do so here.

You can also check out the kennel here.

Well done to everyone involved – great sports.

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