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magnificent panoramic view of the kayak slalom venue at Lee ValleyIf you are the single person in the UK not caught up with Olympic fever you need therapy. This is big time excitement. There is no way you should be doing anything other than sitting in front of that box taking in cycling/yachting/rowing/running/long jumping/kayaking/swimming/tennis/ano etc.

That said I played golf this afternoon when Murray was whopping Federer. Parental duties you know. However I have also just returned from the Olympic city where on Thursday at the Lee Valley kayak slalom venue we watched Britain’s Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott paddle to gold with team mates David Florence and Richard Hounslow taking silver in second.

One of the major features of these Olympics has been the support of the home crowd. I’ve got to tell you the TV doesn’t do it justice – you just don’t get a sense of the noise. Fear not dear reader for I have recorded it for your entertainment, education and general edification.

I herewith present to you a number of short videos that should give you a taste of the atmosphere at Lee Valley on Thursday.

Firstly the start of the British gold medal run:

Then a little later in the run – perhaps even louder:

The crowd doing a Mexican wave:

Flags of nations rippling in the strong breeze:

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