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Samsung Galaxy S3 factory reset – phone not charging battery

Samsung Galaxy S3 reset to factory settings for sending back to, you guessed it, the factory. Hasta la vista baby. I’ve given it 24 hours to fix itself but it is still only charging the battery when it feels like it. The symptoms are identical to those I had with the Galaxy S2 – PC doesn’t recognise USB device and can only see it intermittently.

The new phone is plugged in and charging. Rather than waiting for the full charge I’ve switched it on and it is set up to go whilst still charging. It started reloading the 98 apps at 09.51 and it finished at  10ish. It’s now doing a firmware upgrade. Not taking long.

There restore doesn’t go to the extent of organising the “desktop” or whatever the equivalent is in mobile terminology but it is still easy going.

It’s all very well having great software but there is no excuse for having unreliable hardware in this day and age, especially at the volumes that Samsung is shipping the S3.

Stay tuned…

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I have reservations about Samsungs USB port design now… my S2 recently made a fizzing sound, and 30 seconds later the USB port smelt distinctly of burning electronics. Afterwards I had exactly the same symptoms, where it would only charge occasionally, the PC would detect that something was there but would be unable to interrogate it, and general flakiness.

Samsung took it back to repair it, and returned it saying “naughty boy, you’ve rooted it. No repairs for you”. Sadly for them they had to replace the USB port to find this out!

I am having same problem at the moment, the only time pc can pick it up is when I put phone into download mode (and windows doent show it connected but i used Odin which is a program used to root / flash roms) tried three other cables and a couple of chargers but like yourself, hit or miss if it worked, one thing I did notice before this problem was that the phone would switch to driving mode for no reason and s voice would open… But that’s stopped now… My money’s on the USB socket faulty but will see what happens when I send it off and will post back

Same here – completely hit and miss. Was charging fine with the old Galaxy S (i9000) charger that has stayed plugged in next to the bed for years but Saturday night it stopped. Tried it with the supplied S3 charger, an HTC one and a blackberry one. The phone would make the recharging noise and then stop charging. Also was not recognised when connecting to a computer.

Mine was also doing the same thing with SVoice activating by itself and switching to driving mode.
Vodafone have got a replacement coming to me tomorrow so we shall see.

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