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Apple iPhone faults

An apple - grown in my back garden at homeWe have an excellent team in our logistics1 department. Phillipa has efficiently found me a temporary HTC One S whilst my trusty Galaxy S3 is sent back for a new screen. This time it wasn’t a fault of Samsung – the last two times were faulty headset socket and a faulty connector that meant the phone wasn’t charging, or at least only intermittently.

This time the phone was accidentally dropped on a hard floor and unfortunately the display smashed. Ok s*&t happens. It’s gone off to the menders for a week or so and in the meantime I have a temporary HTC One S.  The One S is ok but smaller than the Galaxy S3 so I keep hitting the wrong keys. It’s also not quite as high a spec but hey, I only have it for a week or so.

Setting up the One S was very simple, as for all Android phones though I note that with Samsung all the apps I have previously downloaded are re-installed on a new phone whereas this hasn’t happened with HTC. This is probably a Samsung service that might well be replicated by HTC but I clearly haven’t signed up for it.

Anyway when I handed the S3 in to Phillipa in logistics1  I mentioned that my blog posts on Samsung Galaxy S3 problems seemed to be attracting many visitors, surpassing even the how to bypass the Virgin Media blocks to access Pirate Bay and the whinge about the fact that the Telephone Preference Service is now totally useless.

The highly able Phillipa said we got quite a few repairs in from Samsung but that actually Apple seemed to be just as bad. The problem with Apple is that there are no public stats telling us how many returns they get as they only let people do repairs at Apple owned repair centres. That way, in keeping with the way they generally suppress bad press, they keep things quiet.

We still get the enquiries from customers but have to direct them to Apple.

The typical types of fault we see with iPhones are:

  • Freezing up
  • Power cycling and/or crashing
  • Screen fading in and out from dark to light
  • Battery life (to be fair, that’s often an issue on all smart phones, if the Bluetooth is always on or always scanning for emails etc)

If anyone has any other Apple related faults I’d be happy to publish the info…

1 oh ok, stores

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on my iphone 4 a couple of years ago the top button stopped working. Went into an apple store, 15 minutes later walked out with a brand new phone. One serious positive from Apple is the service is outstanding. Had a problem with the wife’s macbook battery – replaced with in 5 minutes no questions asked. No hassles or posting stuff around the place, no need for a loan machine.

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