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Obnoxious PPI pests move into sms

I’ve had a few calls from pests lying to me that could recover mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). I know they are lying because I have never taken this sort of insurance out.

Today I received a text message from 07879989478 saying:

“Records passed to us show you’re entitled to a refund approximately £2130 in compensation from mis-selling of PPI on your credit card or loan. Reply INFO or stop”

I wouldn’t dare risk replying and am going to see if I can find out who owns the number. It is almost certainly an anonymous PAYG job but I quite like the idea of an expose.

Lets see how I get on.


Trefor Davies

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4 replies on “Obnoxious PPI pests move into sms”

Thats a great story Richard. It’s tempting to try it myself. In any case I think I will raise it with the ICO at the next Technology Reference Panel meeting.

Footnote. That BBC article nicely explains how it all works. It seems that UK companies are bypassing TSP rules by using overseas agents to do the cold calling. TPS is a significant search engine keyword for visitors to this blog so it is clearly annoying a lord of people. It’s worth seeing what can be done about should not be legal and companies that use the system in thiscway must surely be disreputable.

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