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Great phishing season

All you anglers out there will appreciate this little phishing effort from “Lloyds Bank”. I picked it up from our spam filter – pleasing to see that it works. I do wonder what percentage of recipients of this kind of email actually fall for it.

This one isn’t a bad attempt though as is the nature of these things they have speled departament wrong & the use of grammar isn’t quite how I like it. Should have worked harder for their English GCSE. They might have got a proper job instead of having to resort to crime. The italics are mine.

The inset photo is of me with a phishing rod on the pier at Whitby, Summer 2008 (fwiw – it’s the nearest I could find that had anything to do with the subject).

Dear Customer,

This is an important Lloyds TSB Bank Security Message. We reviewed your account and we suspect that it may have been compromised. Assuring the security of your account and of Lloyds TSB Bank’s Network is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventive measure, we have temporarily limited your account. Please take the following steps in order to restore your account access and ensure that your account has not been compromised:

1. Please Download the Login Form attached to your e-mail.

2. Login to your Lloyds TSB Bank account and fill in all required information.

3. We will review your activity to confirm that you are the account holder and we will remove any restrictions placed on your online banking account.

If you choose to ignore our request you leave us no choice but to suspend your online account indefinitely.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are strictly advised to match your information rightly to avoid service suspension.

Kind regards,
Lloyds TSB Bank Online Security Departament.

Please send us any scam/phishing emails you have received. Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered. For assistance, log in to your Lloyds TSB Online Bank account and choose the “Help” link on any page.

Copyright Lloyds TSB Bank Plc. 2012 – All rights reserved. Email ID # 705

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