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Help provided for 2e2 customers

Trefor Davies2e2 customers – do you need help? If so contact me or Timico direct for independent advice on how best to relocate your services.

Some might think that this sounds like an unashamed advert and they would be right.  We are all in business to win customers and succeed. No point in being shy about it. We are an award winning communications provider and one of the fastest growing in the UK over the last few years.

So if you used 2e2 for colo, connectivity, VoIP, minutes, hosting, mobiles or any other service (or all of the above – we do the lot) get in touch and we will bust a gut to get you sorted.

For the general readership who might not know what I’m talking about take a look here.

Talk soon.

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8 replies on “Help provided for 2e2 customers”

While it’s relatively easy to replace some of the services provided by 2e2, it’s the swinging axe hovering over the colo & hosted customers that is rather worrying – with the “Pay up, or we switch off” ultimatum from the Administrators.

Is the fact that your data is effectively being held to ransom enough to sway people’s trust in the cloud?

Some very big name customers they have on board aswell. Marks & Spencer, Vodafone, Citigroup, Kellogg, Kognitio, O2 and a 7 year NHS trusts contract worth £37m. Hope first thing tomorrow morning your calling all these up lol

I’m quite surprised by the strategy deployed here; if anything, this approach is more likely to send customers running – yes, with a ‘stand and deliver’ attitude, you may solve the problem in the short term, but how many of these companies will be looking for ways to leave their contracts as soon as possible after this?

Good to see Timico is there to support (and sell to!) these customers at this time, I would expect they would be asking lots of questions of any new supplier to ensure they wont get stung again –

Whats timico’s plan for its customers if things dont turn out to well, its got to be hard to answer this question, as the sales pitch is always positive! but you have no control over administrators, have you in place contractual agreements, or some form of insurance cover for the customer in your colo center, if things dont go to plan? –

Will be interesting to see how customers approach ‘one stop stop’ vendors for traditional, and ‘new’ private cloud hosting – perhaps a new trend will be ‘private cloud’ over multi providers, to protect against a site ‘cutting them off’ – or will they go back to build it all in house – big names effected – interesting times…!

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