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Google Docs is down – long live Google Docs?

google docs is downGoogle Docs is down. This is not good news for people who rely solely on the cloud for their services. I wonder what the likes of the do in these circumstances. They have deadlines to meet. Presumably their actual newspaper publishing is independent of Google  Docs. Be interested in understanding people’s strategy for coping.

Btw those opeing lines sound very dramatic – Google Docs is down – almost like “the king is dead” but different. I heard about it at approx 14.20 today. Lets see how long the outage is. I doubt I’ll be looking when it comes back up but if anyone notices could they please let me know.


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10 replies on “Google Docs is down – long live Google Docs?”

Their term for this is “Service Disruption”, a term we are familiar with and ourselves use when something isn’t really dead but is failing often enough for everyone to notice…

I have been able to use Google Docs but others are still having trouble. All is not well, but all is not dead, either.

Google Docs is still on and off (15.37). There was a similar brief outage of and some time after that google apps stopped being free for everyone. Also google reader is supposedly on the way out as it’s not very good for ad placement. Is it just me or is google becoming more proactive about converting free users into paying ones?

I wonder if it was user error or hardware related… it’s worrying when something goes wrong when it shouldn’t, our teleworker phone server broke last week due to human error pushing out settings to many other customers from the manufacturers licensing server meaning hours of work for muggins to sort!

I could imagine that someone had got a warning at Google from this 🙂

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