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The long tail

southern syringe servicesYou have to love life. If you don’t love life you need to do something about it. One of the reasons you should love life is its diversity. I was walking to Kings Cross Station this morning and passed a lorry with “Southern Syringe Services” emblazoned across its side.

My first thought was “wow what a cool name”. I was compelled to take the photo. Neil Armstrong was with me and marvelled at “the long tail of business”.

Timico has roughly 20,000 customers. Some are big household names but most you will never have heard of: golf clubs, plumbers, cocktail bars, manufacturers of oscillators etc etc.  This is the long tail. There are lots of ways of making money out there. You don’t have to do anything fancy or exotic.

I don’t know if Southern Syringe Services are a customer, probably not. It’s a big big market out there. Very big and very diverse. I note that they don’t appear to have a website which should represent an opportunity for someone but there again they were acquired by Bunzl in 2006 so maybe they are still thinking of what to do with the brand. Also their market is pretty niche so I guess they already know all their customers.

Anyway you know where to go if you ever need any syringe services.

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