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Royal baby name

tom graduationWent to our first born’s graduation yesterday (pic inset). It was a proud moment for us parents though I couldn’t quite reconcile the fact that most of the people in the audience were grey and must clearly have been a lot older than me and Anne (!? 🙂 ).

“Uhuh” I hear you say. “Okaay. I thought this post was about the royal baby? It’s the only reason I’m reading it!”

Well the point of this conversation is that when Tom was born, Boxing Day, 21 1/2 years ago Anne and I went out every night for a month before the due date. Anne in particular wanted to cram as much social life into her last days of freedom because she knew it was about to vanish, for a long time.

On one of those nights out we decided to have a sweepstake, pound in, to guess the arrival date of the baby. He or she (we didn’t know the sex then) was due on the 12th December. The only date that couldn’t be chosen was the 26th because had the baby not arrived by then Anne would be going in to have the birth induced. Blow me down if he didn’t arrive on the 26th which apart from blowing out Christmas night was fortuitous because on the way home we had blown the money on a curry.

Today is the due date for the royal baby and we are going to have a name the baby competition. I don’t think the sex is known. It certainly hasn’t been made public. You can have two guesses  – boy and girl (obv). The winner will be the closest to the actual name remembering that royal babies tend to have lots of names – Reginald William Arbuthnot George etc.

Get your entries in quick because it could arrive any time. Leave a comment. I’ll find a suitable prize for the winner.

PS our Tom has started working at the BBC, initially reading the travel reports on Radio Oxford. It’s a very competitive world out there. The royal baby is entering an uncertain world and will have to work hard to make sure his or her CV looks right for the job market of the future 🙂

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Pretty innovative that Alic. In one sense it’s quite pragmatic and they could simply strike through the male / female bit when they know the sex. Won’t be long before we find out though they can of course go a full two weeks overdue before the hospital decides to bring on the birth. Assuming it works the same way as when we had ours.

Interesting to see one or two single name entries when the track record is to try and fit as many names as will fit in the box on the birth certificate. Could be a new modern trend, and there again might not. 🙂

I’m sure we would never be told but I wonder if as she plumbs the depths of pain of childbirth she will shout out “you did this to me you +£$%^&* ” as females of the more common variety are wont to do whilst giving birth.

Sorry to say I didn’t realize there was a new royal baby coming.

If a boy, perhaps Trefor might be a good name. If a girl, perhaps Anne.


I guess Trefor is not out of the question. It’s a Welsh name and they have Welsh connections (ish). It’s also a very classy name:)

Mohammed is a serious play for the world peace vote and could be a winner. Would show the young couple to be heavy hitting head of state material 🙂

It’s not a question of a vote – unless the royal couple are going to take notice of popular opinion. It’s a question of what matches the eventual name/s the kid gets

Boy – George, with Charles, Richard and James in any order as middle names

Girl – Alexandra, with Charlotte, Elizabeth and Diana in any order as middle names

re your second comment Keith – either it’s you getting more confident about the sex or you didn’t realise that first time comments are moderated:)

I think the names Victoria, Diana and Elizabeth are likely candidates if a girl,

if a Boy, I’m thinking Philip, George and Andrew.

In any combination.

As an outside bet I could see them with;

Boy – Ashton, Lenny, Sid, Windsor
Girl – Chantelle, Tiffany, Lightning Windsor

Purely to try and reach out to the people of course.

I take it Ralph is the name of one of the Queen’s favourite corgis?

Almost up at the name the Beckham baby level of entries and still no sign of it (ie the kid) dropping. Tell your friends to enter this competition. The event merits us getting into treble figures 🙂

I am going to go with:

BOY: George , Philip, Louis, William,


GIRL: Georgina, Phylis, Louise, Wilma.

Bound to be traditional royal names respecting previous generations!


Good stuff. Karen has taken us past the number of comments in the Beckham baby name competition. Onwards and upwards. Get your friends to take part:)

My moneys on James George ,or Alexandra Elizabeth… I would buy everyone in the office a round should Neil be right (although it would be hilarious)

One wonders that with the Queen’s visit to Lords today for the 2nd Ashes Test is this a hint that a boy might be imminent and that it will be named after a cricketer? !!

Btw I’ve decided that the prize is going to be a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne. If nobody gets the name absolutely right then it will either go to the nearest right one or to the most innovative guess. If there is more than one right guess then I’ll stick the names in a hat.

Also no trying to cheat. These comments are timestamped so any arriving after the official time of the birth will be invalid 🙂

Purrsonally I don’t think you have much chance of winning if your entry has less than four names in it. Also if you only guessed a girl’s name you are already out of the running, obv.

There is of course the chance that they will reverse historical convention and instead of naming a pub after the royal they will name the royal after a pub. Prince Frog and Parrot?

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