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GNS3 crowdfunding reaches 460% with 12 days to go

GNS3 crowdsourceMany of you will be familiar with GNS3 – the open source network simulator. GNS3 is used by a number of network engineers I know who swear by it.

Well the folks at GNS3 want to take it to the next generation and have used crowd funding to finance the development. It makes you feel good to know that so far, in their quest to raise a mere $35k, they have hit $160,937 or 460% of their target. And that’s with 12 days to go!

It says a lot about what the global network engineering community feel about GNS3 that they have received such support. Funders get advanced copies of the software which won’t go on general release for a year.

Well done to GNS3 and good luck with the new dev.


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One reply on “GNS3 crowdfunding reaches 460% with 12 days to go”

GNS3 is a great tool – many people i know use it for testing configs before deploying them in a live environment. Even more use it for study purpose and not have to turn their living room into a data center. The questions come around how people get/got the images (IOS) – there was a petition going to make an special IOS for GNS3 but then Cisco released IOS on Unix for students in the form of IOU.

The new version of this virl is much better:



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