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Lincoln 10K – Getting Started

I’ve accidentally entered this years Lincoln 10K run. After completing this a couple of years ago I vowed never to do it again – It hurt unnecessarily, and running is no longer my exercise of choice, I much prefer to cycle these days – less strain on the knees and you get a lot further for your effort.

I present a Community Radio program on Siren FM called Lincoln A to Z, where my producer and I travel to 52 randomly selected grids on the A to Z map of Lincoln and make a radio show and podcast about each one. It was noted in many a production meeting that the course of the Lincoln 10K goes through at least two of our selected grids. I managed to steer us through the Ermine West program without even a mention of the race. Then, late last year a surprising comment came from the exercise avoiding producer – “we should both do the 10K next year, could make for some good radio’. I put my foot down, “No” came the reply and I stood fast.

I was happy in my decision, until one of the several hundred pieces of paper that come home from my eldest daughters primary school was thrust in my face stating that she wanted to do the Primary School 2.8K race (2.8? they might as well have made it 3K, much more snappy).  As if possessed by a jogging demon the following words came unwittingly from my mouth, “OK, well if you do that I’ll do the 10K”. Maybe it was my subconscious knowing that this was the best way to encourage her, or maybe I was tipsy, either way now I had said it, I knew I had to do it, otherwise my years of ‘finish what you start’ lectures would be wasted.

The glaring problem I had before me was that it’s not just a case of getting up one Sunday morning, eating the right thing and running too far. It’s the months of training beforehand that allow you to get up and run too far on a Sunday morning without needing serious medical attention.

I am a serial procrastinator, getting things done until they are very close to, and in many cases just past the deadline, never really seem to be as important as watching repeats of ‘Cheers’ on ITV4 +1. Since the looming training runs have been at the back of my mind, I have never been so productive. Radio scripts written and researched, copyright information gathered, interviews carried out and edited. Avoiding running is incredibly motivating and the list of household chores has never been so small. Then the point came where I had to either clean out the wheelie-bin or go for a run.

No contest, I dug out the trainers put one foot in front of the other and got going.

Paul Tyler presents Lincoln A to Z on Siren FM, Mondays at 9pm


By Paul Tyler

Paul Tyler is the Presenter of Lincoln A to Z on Siren FM - Monday 9pm

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