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Selling your contact information – who does it?

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to in life post Timico is having a cleaner inbox. I don’t get spam using Gmail and the platform very kindly filters most commercial mails in to a tab called “Promotions”.

This I love. I do look occasionally and note that the mails are typically from rewards membership accounts and their ilk. I am ok with this.

My Timico mailbox, RIP, used to get tons of unwanted rubbish from companies I had no interest in and who had presumably either sourced the data from mailing lists acquired from trade show organisers or from badge scanning at these trade shows.

imago_data_protectionThe standard way of avoiding all this, or at least in seeing where the companies are sourcing their email data, is to sign up with email addresses specific to particular events. It was too late for me to do it at Timico. The cat was already out of the bag. is a different kettle of fish. The big experiment starts today. Today I signed up for UC Expo Connected Business with an alias specific to that show. Emails to that alias are filtered into a specific folder. I will be able to monitor spam levels arising from that show and report back after a suitable period of time.

The phone number I gave them is – my Skype and Google Hangout address. If someone wants to call me that way I will talk to them. They don’t have my mobile number although they may be able to source it by cross referring to previous signups for the same show.

I’m not btw picking on this show for any other reason than it is the first I’ve subjected to this experiment. Lets see how we get on. The only other thing I have to try and do is to avoid having my badge scanned by people stood at trade booths as I walk by. That really is a pointless exercise.

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