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Google blocking Microsoft Office365 mail as spam

I note from Twitter this morning that Google is blocking some emails from Microsoft Office365  to Gmail recipients as spam. The message reads: [ 1] Our system has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address  I note also that the ip address is ascribed to AS8075 (ours is AS8607  fwiw – […]

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Anti spam best practice

You may have noted the spam theme of my posts this week.  This is because we are in the process of upgrading our anti spam capabilities. The management of spam is a hugely complex process and involves many factors contributing to a scorecard against which an email is rated.   There is a general set […]

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Spam attacks

I sometimes sit and watch SPAM attacks coming in on our mail servers. ISPs are constantly having to ward off spam. It is like being in a cyber war. What is mind boggling is that sheer volume. The chart below shows unwanted mail below the x axis and legitimate stuff above. You can barely make […]

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Spam not Spam

I have recently started corresponding with Randy Abrams of anti virus company  He has commented on some of my posts in the past.  He offered this postulation today: “Sometimes I receive spam from legitimate companies. They shouldn’t be spamming me, but this isn’t the Viagra, Rolex, and other run of the mill spammers I […]

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Selling your contact information – who does it?

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to in life post Timico is having a cleaner inbox. I don’t get spam using Gmail and the platform very kindly filters most commercial mails in to a tab called “Promotions”. This I love. I do look occasionally and note that the mails are typically from rewards […]

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Slightly disappointing email from Microsoft :) #joshfire

Just had a slightly disappointing junk email from Microsoft. I don’t normally bother opening this “legitimate spam” that pushes a company’s products but the subject line for this one was “Proud partners of the 2013 British & Irish Lions tour to Australia”. You might guess where my thinking was here. Maybe it was a free […]

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amusing anecdote – the Ivy restaurant beckoned briefly

Received an email out of the blue yesterday. It was one of those legitimate spam emails selling something but from a “respectable” company. For some reason I read it and found it was an offer to go to lunch at the Ivy restaurant in London.  What’s more it was for a lunchtime meeting on BYOD […]

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Gmail update – Google+ comment

Got an email yesterday from Google about a change to Gmail. Everyone probably got the same mail. Certainly the mainstream media made big news of it, in the tech sections. When you are sending an email from a gmail account you will now be offered Google+ account holders as recipients of the mail. One site, […]

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New business bank accounts for startups and problem with Google Apps for Business domain

Went to open a business bank account yesterday. It’s not opened yet. There are hoops to jump through, despite the fact that I have been with the same bank since I was a kid. In fact the business bank manager was able to do nothing apart from record the details of the new business. Approval […]

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Nuisance calls

At last week’s ITSPA Council meeting we discussed nuisance calls. This post on on the subject was written by Pete Farmer, writing in a personal capacity. Pete is the Commercial and Regulatory Manager for Gamma  a wholesale supplier of telecoms services. Pete is a colleague on the ITSPA Council  and chairs their Regulatory Committee. His contact […]

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Does this person come from the double glazing industry?

Hello Enterprise Management 360 along with Gartner and IDC will be distributing a comprehensive research on Building bridges with real-time Optimized Data Center Infrastructure Management with key content from Emerson, a leading infrastructure Management Industry You have been selected out of 100 executives you will also have a No Obligation opportunity to speak with an […]

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To whom it may concern

There is nothing more annoying than being spammed. Anti spam software is pretty good these days and I rarely get spam spam if you know what I mean. Spam spam is the bad stuff trying to sell me  viagra, handbags, penis enlargements etc etc etc. Unfortunately these days the spam spam problem has been replaced […]