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How intelligent are your employees? Do they need managing? Shirley

intelligent employee managementThe question is whether this van belongs to a company that manages intelligent employees or is it into managing employees intelligently? I’m not sure. Were I the thinking man I could look it up on their website – address prominently displayed (and proudly no doubt) on their van. Nah.

There is a supplementary question and that is at which point does an employee rate as having sufficient intelligence to qualify for management 1 to be managed. Or is this a red herring? Presumably all employees must have some degree of intelligence.

This could be a tool for HR departments to improve morale. If they were to tell everyone that they were intelligent and were therefore employing methods for managing intelligent employees it might give everyone a boost. Mightn’t it? Even those staff without PhDs. Yes even if the sum of proof of your intelligence is your Cubs Scout 25m swim badge (freestyle) you could start to feel good about it. Yes master.

One does hope that in the course of managing intelligent employees it is done empathetically, without giving the person the impression that they are actively being managed. I used the word actively there but there is nothing that suggests this is an active process. It may very much be passive, quietly managing in the background without anyone knowing it was going on or being able to complain or object.

I really don’t know.

All I can tell you is that if you work at Siemens in Lincoln I saw this van turn into your site this morning as I was on the way to the train station2. This should presumably please you as the suggestion is there that you, or at least some of you, are intelligent. On the other hand it could just be a fact finding mission, a probe to determine whether there is scope for their services.

Not sure we will ever find out. Commercial in confidence. etc.

Just to conclude I note that the company are experts in Time and Attendance. This worries me does puzzle me a little. Surely an intelligent employee would understand how to manage their time and attend as per their contracted hours of work. I dunno. It’s beyond me… Shirley5.

1 oops nearly ambiguous use of language there.
2 Connected Business 3 this pm, WebRTC dinner ce soir and ITSPA Awards manyana.
3 UC Expo as was4
4 like my use of nested superscript?6
5 in joke – stop calling me Shirley
6 I wonder if there is a record for nested superscripts7
7 Probably not a recognised category in the Guinness Book of Records – would be too easy to automate and get an improbably high number. See real world record attempt for most comments on a blog post here. Also not sure on the rules for nestin – number orders and all that stuff. Might have got it wrong here anyway. It matters not.

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