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Cutting it fine – a story without words

Nearly out of diesel last night with only 5km left on clock before I got to the garage.

5km left in tank

70.38 litres of diesel

527km to empty

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5 replies on “Cutting it fine – a story without words”

Yes. I uploaded these pics last night with a view to writing something on the train to London this morning but decided that words were unnecessary:) You can imagine the tension, the build up of the atmospheric music getting more and more frenetic the lower the number got on the dial.

I do this nearly every time. Its like a game I play to see how close to running out I can get without actually running out. I’ve filled over 70 litres quite a few times. Never run out yet (and yes, my tank is 70l).

What used to be annoying was those pump that cut out after £99. Back when Diesel was £1.45+ per litre, pump cuts out well before tank was full 🙁 #firstworldproblems

Funnily enough Dan I wasn’t stressed at all. It’s nothing compared to a network going down and having the whole company on your back to get it back up again!

It’s worth Jeep noting that the fuel low light doesn’t come on until about 10 miles out which doesn’t give you much notice to find a garage. I expect they think all Jeep drivers carry jerry cans of diesel on the roof rack.

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