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le weekend est arrivé

Yes folks it’s here. Le weekend. Don’t ask me why it is in French. I’m not aware of any particular French theme to this weekend. Not the 14th of July or anything like that and I don’t think this is one of the weekends the baggage handlers go on strike.

Nevertheless, French it is. Not the whole post. Some of you would have to refer to Google Translate to understand it (si ce n’est pas vous ignorez cette dernière phrase). Also my French is frozen in time in 1978 with a B at O’Level so I doubt I’d do the subject of le weekend any justice were it written in that language. Think of the problems Google Translate would have understanding it.

In fact the whole opening section of this post is misleading. Yes the post has been written

at the weekend but there is no specific theme to it. I just happen to have time on my hands. I’m in Sleaford for a kid4 football match. Mrs Davies is away at her folks and I therefore do not have the pressure of a jobs list to get on with. It’s all about being a taxi driver.

This taxi driver will have a significant amount of waiting time on the meter. At Sleaford there is ages before the match starts and before I have to exhibit a suitable degree of parental support and interest in the game itself.

So what do you do with this idle time? There’s the old “read your book” method. Or the “do the Times Crossword” time while-awayer. The only problem is that I can’t stand crosswords. I’m useless at them. Even the quick crossword. So whilst consuming significant amounts of time and therefore meeting the criteria for something that will use up the waiting time it is also a total waste of time, and brainpower. Just like Sudoku. I’ve never done a Sudoku. What a waste of time.

The outcome is that you get this blog post. A random dump of thoughts and considerations at the le weekend.

Although I mentioned that I don’t have a jobs list I do have a schedule of transportation requirements which I have discovered is physically impossible. As a result last night I was 15 minutes late for my stint as a raffle ticket salesperson at the school Extravaganza concert. Upon arriving I was dismissed to my seat of the front row by the ladies of the PTA who anyway seemed to be coping admirably in my absence.

The Davies’ have been represented in the Extravaganza for at least the last 7 years and a system has been worked that ensures we have good seats. I’m not going to share the methodology as this would open it to copycat imitators and thus dilute its effectiveness. It’s enough to say we were sat in the best seats next to Mr Strong the recently retired headmaster and his wife so the system is working.

As I write the car park is slowly filling up and children in a variety of football colours are streaming onto the numerous pitches on the field. It’s a beautiful spring day and there are only a few games let this season. This is good because it means that the cricket season is about to start. The taking of kids to cricket matches is far preferable to taking to football. Cricket is synonymous with sitting in deckchairs around the boundary with a sun hat and a beer/cup of tea1 whereas football reminds me more of several layers of warm clothing to keep out the icy gales driving horizontal sleet in from the North Sea.

Today is not such a day. As mentioned it is a nice day and the sunglasses are going to get their first outing of 2014. The dress code is shorts and tshirt. What is more I do believe that our hosts in Sleaford provide catering facilities so a cup of tea could well be in order.

Au revoir…

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1 Your choice. I’m probably not your father.

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