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This is a broken badminton racket

a broken badminton racketBorn in a factory somewhere in the manufacturing world of a design by Carlton this badminton racket survived only two outings before it met an untimely end. We shall shed no tears. Mourn not. We have to move on. There is nothing to be gained by dwelling on what may have been. It is what it is. It is no more.

RIP Carlton KINESIS. Length 670mm, frame weight 86g, balance even, flex medium. Delivered on a Monday, smashed on the following Saturday.


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3 replies on “This is a broken badminton racket”

Well if you will give it the McEnroe treatment (I know he was a tennis rather than badminton player)


Either that was a manufacturing defect or you hit the shuttlecock so hard that it’s now gone into orbit.

I thought I saw a shuttlecock moving across the Normandy sky earlier today. Said so, in fact, to My Missus, and she just wrote it off as the usual whatnot-and-otherwise.

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