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Buyer beware – 50% off kids at Easter

50% off kids

50% off kids at Easter! Sound too good to be true? You can bet your bottom dollar it is.

Take it from me. 50% off might sound like a good deal but get those kids home and the magic will soon wear off. They will want feeding, clothing, educating etc etc etc. That 50% will soon be a drop in the ocean compared with the ongoing maintenance and operational expenses.

Sure there are consolations. Fathers’ Day cards, new pairs of socks at Christmas. Nobody is going to turn those away. But before you buy take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what you see in front of you. If you want to see your whole head and shoulders then don’t take them up on the 50% offer because pretty soon that mirror will need lowering so that the kids can see themselves in it before heading off to school. Brush their hair, adjust school uniform…

50% off kids at Easter? Buyer beware:)

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