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School cricket match

the rain in Newark falls mainly on the train, and the cricket, and the tennis, and the barbecueI’m just off to watch a school cricket match. The weather is looking a bit dodgy but at the moment it isn’t raining so play should definitely happen.

The school cricket match is the epitome of low technology. Aside from all the expensive gear they have these days (pads, helmet, designer pants in which to fit box etc) there is absolutely no tech involved. There isn’t even a decent mobile signal at school thus rendering impotent any attempted use by spectators of imported tech (ie phones).

So all a parent can do is stand on the touchline and focus on the match. I say stand because it is too cold to sit with any degree of comfort.

A school cricket match is a nervous time for a parent. Will the kid get a chance to bat. Or bowl. Will he be out in the first over or will he settle in and provide as fluent a display of batting that ever graced the sports field thus allowing me to casually mention to the stranger stood nearby, “that’s my boy”.

Don’t worry. All will be well, as long as the rain keeps off. You’ll have to wait to hear the result, if I decide to mention it, because as you know there is no signal at school.

I wonder if they will provide cups of tea. I doubt it.




…………white noise representing no signal…………


video of rain on car>

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PS – much later – I’m back. The rain kept off but the icy blasts that seemingly crept over from Siberia did not. Whilst the cricket carried on large mammals were frozen into the permafrost and the very small crowd of two huddled together for warmth and comfort (the other spectator was a mum, fortunately).

We won convincingly by 9 wickets. Davies bowled well but did not bat. His new helmet stayed in the bag.

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