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Would you trust Samsung with your health data?

Walking Mate S HealthStill in the process of moving icons around since regaining my SGS4 and clicked on the Walking Mate App – “keep track of how many steps you take each day with S Health”.

OK I’m interested I thought and clicked. The App took me through a process and got to the page shown in the screen print on the right.

They seriously need their brains examining if they think I am going to trust Samsung with that kind of data. One wonders how many active users the S Health app really has. Health certainly seems to be an application, if you can call health an application, that the vendors of wearable devices seem to have latched on to. Partly I suspect out of desperation to find some functionality they can add to their gadgets.

My SGS4 isn’t wearable, yet, unless  I strapped it to my wrist 🙂 but I do use some health apps, if you can call Runkeeper a health app.

I’m about to join a gym btw, talking about health applications. There is one near the office at the University. The plan is 30 mins in the pool first thing, 30 mins walk to work 5 days a week (when I’m in Lincoln) and then perhaps 1 hour in the gym three days a week in the afternoon before I walk 30 mins home. Assuming I’m not too knackered for the walk. In such an eventuality I will have to resort to Plan B which as yet has not been defined.

When joining a gym one does have to consider the cost. This in my case isn’t the cost of using the gym. It’s the cost of replacing all my clothes when I lose a load of weight and get trim. And all that lycra I will need! It’s gonna happen:) What price health eh?

The Samsung app was free but what price privacy, eh?

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