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Breaking news – the shed is finished

Breaking news – the shed is finished, or as finished as its going to get. Still a few bits of side panel need patching but it ain’t gonna happen.

The two images below represent the state of the shed first thing this morning, covered by a tarpaulin because it had no felt on it followed by the finished job.

Note Joseph who is sat on on top of the shed is modelling a LINX tshirt. Very appropriate for the job especially seeing as the next LINX meeting is this coming Monday/Tuesday. Big thanks to Joe whose B in GCSE woodwork is really starting to pay dividends. Made a lot more sense for me to send Joe up to do the dangerous bits. After all had I done it and fallen off I might have been badly hurt.

Joe’s hammering technique is top notch and worthy of an A grade. Examiner must have had a bad hair day or something.

In the interest of continuing with the mundane aspect of this “breaking news” I am pleased to announce that I didn’t need that second roll of felt after all and will be taking it back to Wickes straight after lunch. Hey £21 is £21. Jobs for this afternoon include taking Kid4 to the cricket nets followed by lighting the barbecue.

tarpaulin covering shed

kid3 on top of shed

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