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Alex Murphy’s Life in India: Sacrifices

My daughter’s 18th Birthday party was not a sacrifice I was willing to make.

One of the really tough things about living out of Country and away from home is that when you should be around to support family and friends at times of births, marriages, deaths, and birthdays; the best you can do is text. Over the last year I’ve missed all of these, and felt pretty inadequate at times when I can do nothing to support those who need a shoulder to cry on.

Of course, I know there are plenty of people in my same position, including troops on overseas duty.

I lost the closest thing I had to a dad just before I embarked on my wonderful trip to India. I was able to lay him to rest the very day I left for India, but I was there. I learned this week that a wonderful lady, a great teacher, who had taught all my four children, had died. Her husband had been a rugby player with me and from 4000 miles away I could do nothing to show my sadness for his loss and my sorrow at her passing.

Today is my daughter Francesca’s 18th Birthday party, the last of my four fabulous kids to reach adult-hood. For the other three I’d been there to celebrate and smile as I watched them become “grown ups.” Faced with missing an enormous milestone in my own and my family’s life, I jumped on a flight to London at 2.20am Delhi time this morning, and by the time Francesca came down for breakfast I was sat at home. She didn’t know I was on my way. A perfect moment, priceless, never to be repeated. I’ve got just about enough time to catch, my breath, party tonight, then head back to Delhi.

So Hurricanes, forgive me for missing training this morning. I was on a mission, but I’m sure you understand. I’m having a fabulous experience in India, I’m at real peace, but days like today remind you just how much of a sacrifice those you love have to make for you to pursue your own dreams.