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Samsung Galaxy S6 promo on Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S6 promo – twitter spam

This one caught my eye. A Samsung Galaxy S6 promo tweet. They are everywhere.

I replied and got a reply back:

They obviously didn’t read my reply. I stopped getting excited about new gadgets some time ago. It is no longer about the possession of the latest and greatest (never really was for me) but about value for money and the right functionality.

My Oneplus One cost £269 and does everything the Samsung Galaxy S4 did for me and more. I didn’t feel it necessary to go the the S5 and now sit on the sidelines laughing at the hype associated with the S6. It’s getting to be the same as the cobblers that gets put out by Apple.

It’s going to come to the point where mobile phone advertising is going to be as challenging as selling cars. They all look the same and have very little to differentiate between them. It’s then all down to what image a brand can create for itself. Cars flying through the streets of the metropolis, stunning girls sitting at the wheel, hair flowing in the gentle breeze.

It will be the same with phones, if it isn’t already. Were it not for the fact that it feels stupid to look as if you re speaking into thin air the phone would already be an outdated concept. I don’t see why we can’t simply speak into the cup of our hands. It would afford a degree of privacy in the same way that speaking into a handset notionally does now.

I could even envisage a speaker phone being simply an outstretched open palm. Easy peasy. The intelligence would be hidden away with a ring or a watch performing the physical interface function. You could even let a friend listen to a message or music by holding your hand near their ear.

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