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Norwegian Wood part 2

I learned to play the guitar when I was a kid instead of swotting for my A Levels. My mam and dad almost certainly got fed up to listening to renditions from the “Beatles Songbook”.

One of my early masterpieces was Norwegian Wood. Last night we had some friends round for a barbeque. Our bbq is also a firepit and when the eating is done we throw on some sticks, toast marshmallows, chat and maybe even strum the geetar.

On this occasion I was reminded of a line in Norwegian Wood – “I sat by the fire, biding my time, drinking her wine”. Knowing it would be of huge interest to all Beatles fans out there I took a photo illustrating the moment.


PS I am available for parties. I’m not particularly good but as long as everyone has had plenty of wine I sound fine:)

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Annual watersports & BBQ evening another splashing success

hands up - is this team well balanced?

They're smiling now but can you spot the design flaws on this raft? The demise of team Foxy - click to see the view of the whole debacleLast week we had the annual Timico watersports evening at the Activities Away lake on Lincoln bypass. As usual a great time was had by all. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking other than to say our team won by a country mile nautical league. This was mainly thanks to the raft building prowess of Ian P Christian but also of course great teamwork.

The Hodge team works together to build a great raftwe win - what a fantastic raft! The first couple of pics are of Foxy’s team – travelling hopefully but failing to make the grade. Stay away from the high seas guys.

The second two pics are of the totally victorious Hodges’ team. We could have carried on to the Caribbean (man). Hoist the pirate flag. Splice the mainbrace.

dive dive diveI’ll finish off with a pic of couple of the lads diving into the water. Thanks to Carl Wright who stayed dry to take these photos but also got to ride in the boat:). You can see more of them on Google+.

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Timico annual watersports evening and BBQ

Timico Kayaking polo team captain Gemma Jankiewicz carries the ball

Trefor Davies at the Timico annual watersports and barbecue eveningLast Timico annual watersports and barbecue eveningnight we had our annual Timico watersports and BBQ evening. Another highly successful bash I must say.  The weather was somewhat damp to start off but seeing as everyone was going to get wet anyway it didn’t matter and the sun came out before we started the barbecue bit.

The format is becoming settled. We all jump in and get wet – ideally making stupid noises and impressive summersaults (nil points generally for the latter).  Then we have a go at seal launches on sit on top kayaks.  After that we crack on with team competitions.

This year it was a kayaking polo match with team captains Gemma Jankiewicz and Katie Nicholas leading the way.  At the risk of boring you with work stuff I have to say that Gemma and Katie are great examples of our graduate recruitment scheme working to everyone’s advantage.

Finally, when we are all plum tuckered out we retire to the deck for a barbecue and a few tinnies, unless of course one is driving in which case a cup of tea is fine 🙂

That’s all.  Last photos are of Gemma (left) and Katie (right) and Simon Spear (I think) scoring a goal – not the winning one – that would have been me a little later on 🙂

gemma jankiewicz Timico Timico kayak polo in actionkatie nicholas