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More photos from the Samsung Galaxy S3 series using the macro function

daisy with ladybirdIt’s the weekend. I don’t normally do stuffred rose with aphids over the weekend but I have had a very productive day, whistled through the jobs list and more, and am settling down to watch the football with the kids so posting to the blog seems like an useful thing to do.

Annoying though the non functioning headset socket might be the quality of the camera on these new phones continues to impress me. The camera on the Galaxy S3 is pretty much the same as on the S2 apart from some software features such as the burst mode. Notwithstanding this I find myself taking snaps of all sorts of ordinary things just because I happen to have my camera in my pocket.wet rose

When I do this I find some interesting things unexpectedly appearing in the photos I take. The red rose on the right for example has green aphids on it. Looking at the photos I can also see what I can only call red aphids. I suspect these insects are colourless and are just showing the colours of the background object.

The next rose still has droplets of water on it after the rain. These photos all use the macro function on the camera.

You are beginning to see what a softie I am. It’s just that I’m so impressed that I can take photos like this. In the “old” days I used to have to take a whole reel of film (36 shots) to get a couple of decent photos. Now, with the screen for me to be able to line up the shot properly and great autofocuspink rose technology I probably only discard two pictures in every 36 I take. One more rose, for luck.

I also had to put in this other ladybird photo. When I took the picture I hadn’t noticed that there was a small spider nearby. I wondered whether the ladybird was after the spider for food. There were plenty of aphids nearby had it but known:)

I liked the contrast between the bright primary red and black of the ladybird with the delicate pastel colourings of the flowers around it.

I’ll have to draw the line on nature shots for now – these pics ladybird near to a spidertake time to edit.

If someone could tell me what the purple flowers below left are I’d be most grateful. They are in our back garden.

purple flower from the Davies back garden - what is it?