End User internet #notatthisaddress

Trefor DaviesI have just taken possession of The .com and were taken but I’m cool with that. I’m a .net kinda guy. This to me is a cool domain name and must have loads of uses. I thought about using it as my default address for registering at tradeshows. Myname at sounds good, snoop cocked, spam avoided.

However I’m beginning to think that is a sheer waste of a good domain name and I figured that you dear blog readers might have better ideas. There are thousands of geeks out there with great ideas who might be able to suggest some good uses for it.

Usual prize of a Timico Megamug for any good suggested uses unless I’m meeting you in person soon in which case it could mean a beer. If you’re teetotal I’ll drink the beer and you can have an orange squash.