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Web RTC workshop – get yer tickets ere

googlecampusIf you work in the Unified Communications industry you need to know about Web RTC. You can either Google it or come along to ITSPA’s Web RTC workshop at the Google Campus on 14th May to find out more.

This workshop is intended to provide a fairly detailed drill down into the workings of WebRTC and is suitable for the VoIP tech community. It includes an introduction to the technology and presentations and demos from a number of companies involved in the area. We will also be having a few beers afterwards, natch.

These events are seriously worthwhile attending. More details below – the event is open to non ITSPA members so git on down.

Tuesday, 14th May 2013, 14:00-17:30
Google Campus, 3rd Floor
4-5 Bonhill Street, EC2A 4BX London

Part 1: Technical background and introduction
Presentation from John Parr (Crocodile Rich Communications Systems) and Rob Pickering (IPCortex)

Part 2: Demos and real-life implementation: products, services, and more
Speakers TBC – Google, Drum, IPCortex, Crocodile Rich Communications Systems, Voxhub

Part 3: Roundtable discussion/panel and audience Q&A
Discussion moderated by Trefor Davies on the impact of WebRTC:
What are the challenges, opportunities, and threats – to software phones, video market, fixed infrastructure and more?

Reserve tickets here:

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Debate – Low Cost versus Productivity Features – what will get the ITSP industry through the recession?

I attended the ITSPA council meeting in London today. One of the topics of discussion was the content of the forthcoming ITSPA workshop in Town on  12th March (ask me for details if you don’t already have them).

We had it down as “opportunities and threats in the recession” or words to that effect. Not much detail. The debate then covered a range of subjects that might be suitable for the workshop ranging from whiz bang new video phones to just lower cost services.

What we came up with, and I think this is going to make for a highly interesting afternoon, was a debate on whether it was lower costs or new features that was going to make people buy our services and get the industry through the year or two ahead.

Personally I think it is both but I am looking forward to the debate. If anyone wants to come let me know. There is a dinner afterwards and these are normally great evenings.