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Scale Is Important

This is a business where scale matters. One machine costs £100,000 and can process 16 million bites a day. It takes 45 weeks to grow the bite in the ground and they are pulling for 50 weeks of the year. They grow 8 million per acre!

What on earth am I talking about? Chantenay carrots actually which is what I mean by a bite in this case. Thats a heck of a lot of carrots. I’ve just been to a soiree where mine host runs a carrot processing plant in Nottinghamshire. I got talking to him about his vegetables and was totally fascinated with the statistics important to his business.

He runs three carrot polishing machines. They can also be used for potatoes and parsnips, though with different brush sizes obviously!! Next time you buy a baby carrot in the supermarket remember that it has probably been cleaned for your delectation by my friend Martin.

There was also a farmer in the room and I would have been happy discussing carrot pulling until the cows came home had I not had to take the kids home to bed.

What a wonderfully diverse world in which we live. It’s not that different to communications. Bits, bytes, brush size (?). The language is the same. Check out your carrots here.

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