Rachel Hair Do

Rachel Hair Do

Rachel Hair do – you going? Still on holiday and thought you’d like this – a poster for a gig in Peel, IoM. They don’t explicitly say it’s the Rachel Hair do but seems obvious. She’s also pretty used to the pun I’m sure

glen maye

Glen Maye and other holiday musings

Yesterday Dad and I picked Tom up from the airport. His flight showed up as running 5 minutes late so we took the opportunity to nip to the bottle bank before heading for the airport. Turns out the flight landed 8 minutes early so the lad was there waiting for u when we arrived at […]

Walking around Peel Shoprite

Walking around Peel Shoprite Walking around Peel Shoprite whilst the others bought some salady bits for dinner last night. Had just returned from Tynwald Mills where we happened across a shoe sale. We bought 5 pairs of shoes for £50 including a pair of Barkers leather shoes reduced from £170 to £10. Steal. May stick up […]


Peel Saturday 29th August and yes Tref is still on holiday

Peel Saturday 29th August Just been out for my favourite early morning spin to Fenella beach. I do the same route every time. Down past Moore’s Kipper factory and along the far side of the quay to Fenella car park. Unfortunately at this time of year there are always a few campervans taking up the […]

peel breakwater

Peel breakwater first light

Peel breakwater first light Peel breakwater at first light on Thursday morning. Had just returned from Douglas after dropping Joe off at the ferry. He had to go home early from the holiday as the Pylons had been invited to play at the Jamie Oliver Feastival in the Cotswolds.

peel dawn

Peel dawn – tref is still on holiday

Peel dawn – tref is still on holiday Was up yesterday whilst still dark to take Joe to the Sea Terminus to catch the boat. He is playing Jamie Oliver’s Feastival with The Pylons today. On the way home I dropped by the harbour as the dawn was arriving.

rhossili beach clean

Rhossili beach clean

rhossili beach clean Faded sign at the sand dunes behind Rhossili points to beach clean. The beach was magnificent and largely cleaned by the elements. It’s the sand dunes that probably needed the occasional litter pick.

standardisation for WebRTC

Neill Wilkinson talks standardisation for WebRTC

standardisation for WebRTC Neil Wilkinson was the author of “Next-Generation Networks: Technologies & Services” – for John Wiley and is the owner of Aeonvista Ltd ( . Aeonvista is an ICT Consultancy created by Neill in 2007 who look to maximize the best in class technology thinking to inform their customers. So generating strategic solutions […]

WebRTC where is the money?

webrtc monetisation Carlos Aragon, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at GENBAND, asks ‘how might UC vendors and service providers profit from WebRTC’? Carlos has extensive experience with both mobile and fixed-line UC services, Unified Communications as a Service and WebRTC. Today, he is intimately involved in GENBAND’s Hosted UC offers to both service providers and enterprises. […]

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