More tea vicar?

That’s a random blog title. I am not drinking tea and the vicar doesn’t come round to our house since the day a few years back I dropped a hot leg of lamb onto his lap. Not deliberately of course but drop it I did. I also spent the rest of that Sunday afternoon plying […]

B4RN broadband BT rural broadband reinvestment

BT throw £129m back into rural broadband pot

BT rural broadband reinvestment Bit of an announcement from DCMS re performance against budget for BT and the BDUK broadband roll out. I was in conversation with someone about the Lincolnshire project and was told that they were coming in significantly under budget and were expecting the remaining funds to be ploughed back in. That […]

Wholesale Mobile Access

Wholesale Mobile Access – a tonic for our industry?

Wholesale Mobile Access – a primary concern of the Competition and Markets Authority in its review of the proposed BT/EE transaction. It has been an exciting couple of months for those of us with an interest in the regulation of the telecommunications industry. We’ve had the publication of the much anticipated first “consultation” in Ofcom’s Strategic […]

iBeani pirate


iBeani pirate product Sick and tired of having a cushion on your lap to prop up the iPad or laptop but don’t want to risk radiating your gonads? Look no further. Introducing the iBeani™ – a stylish bean bag, specifically designed to hold tablets or e-readers on any surface at the perfect angle. Tired of […]


Slightly confused of Lincoln

HP printer delivery either 09.13 or 13.56 You see before you a bewildered bloke. One where there is a risk of extremes of emotions on this, a pleasant if slightly breezy English summer’s day. My HP printer delivery is either going to be at 09.13 or 13.56. Coming out of the pool changing room this morning […]

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw

I bought a printer

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw Good news – Your order for the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw has been accepted and we will start processing it now.  We will send you an email once your order has been dispatched. You can track to your order online at any time by signing in to […]

LinkedIn invite

LinkedIn invite strategy

LinkedIn invite – do you really wanna be my friend? I haven’t got a LinkedIn invite strategy. I don’t collect contacts as such. They just happen as and when. On occasion LinkedIn  shoves me some. Sticks em in my face and says “how about this one Tref”. Sometimes I connect. The other day I sat […]

ice cream on Llandudno pier

Ice cream on Llandudno pier

Llandudno pier – all life is there dead on a wet Sunday night in July It wasn’t a particularly good ice cream but it was an appropriate use of my time and money. When on holiday it is important to indulge in relaxing holiday pastimes such as strolling on piers and licking ice creams. This […]

hot wax treatment

Chllan-did-noh and the hot wax treatment

hot wax treatment – has to be experienced Sat in the period luxury of the lounge of the Dunoon Hotel in Llandudno. That’s Chllan-did-noh, not landudnoe. The Dunoon Hotel it all its finery is however not the subject of this post. This afternoon I had my first experience of the hot wax treatment. This was […]

oops something went wrong

Oops something went wrong

On a wet Friday afternoon in July – oops something went wrong with the broadband order I’ve procrastinated long enough. I’m ordering Virgin Media’s 152Mbps broadband only service. At least I’m trying to. As you can see from the featured image without too much success so far. My logic in choosing Virgin is simple. I […]

travel tech - view from scottish bedroom

Chuffed to bits

Retiring University of Lincoln PR lecturer Jane Crofts writes the first of this season’s guest posts that talk mainly about their holidays. If you knew Jane she is far from retiring btw:) Retirement is now imminent, today being the last actual day of work and the last day on the books is looming large at […]

avon sss

Summertime and the Avon SSS has arrived

Avon SSS sung to the tune of Summertime The Avon SSS has arrived. Avon Skin So Soft, the ultimate in midge repellant. No boy scout serious beach surfin’ camper should be without. As used by the Royal Marines in jungle warfare training, apparently. And perfect for going to Hillend campsite in the Gower. We aren’t […]

School’s out

The dress code is Cape Cod Beer

school’s out for summer Feel as if I should be throwing off my school blazer, flinging my tie over the settee leaving it all for mum to sort out and running out into the back garden to mess about in the paddling pool. It’s the last day of term for the last Davies of school […]

ashley madison

Fancy a bit of stuff on the side?

Ashley Madison helps you find other people who want to cheat on their partners The older I get the more I realise how sheltered I am. I spotted a comment by @ruskin147 on Twitter whilst whiling the time away waiting for a late train to arrive: PR for Ashley Madison says of the plans for […]

hmrc scam spam

HMRC scam spam

HMRC scam spam forwarded to my accountant Thought you’d appreciate this public service service announcement re HMRC scam spam. Got the following email text notionally off HMRC and with lots of links: Hello TREFOR.NET, You can’t afford to miss your payment deadline If you submitted a self-assessment form in January, your second payment instalment is […]

BTOpenreach engineering visit Install ofcom strategic review

Ofcom Strategic Review and the separation of Openreach from BT

Ofcom Strategic Review – the boys don’t want to see a separate Openreach The Ofcom Strategic Review happens every 10 years, the last being in September 2005. This week Ofcom announced the consultation for its latest review with a wide range of subjects on the table around the general subject categories of investment and innovation, […]

This is your final free article this month

Telegraph reads reach limit

This is your final free article this month That’s it. I’ve reached my limit on Telegraph reads this month. Henceforth I will have to read in an incognito window. The telegraph doesn’t stop access via incognito window because they depend on cookies to count page reads.  Cookies are blocked in incognito mode. I tend […]

broadband bandwidth usage

The future of data storage bandwidth usage

Bandwidth usage – the only way is up I periodically discuss the bandwidth usage on our home broadband and the growth trend in data storage on our NAS box, driven by the number of photos we store. This usually prompts a discussion on home broadband data usage and for your entertainment and delight I’ve put this […]

marketing lunch

Another glorious summer day

It’s another glorious summer day in the shire but I am up early and off South to the oven that is London. I have a good day ahead with the first Tech Marketing lunch and the Political Intelligence birthday party. 7.30 am train down and 9.30pm t5ain home. Urgh. A long day. Should be enjoyable […]

how to choose a broadband provider may usage

how to choose a broadband provider

Just writing out aloud the process I’m going through of choosing a broadband provider. I currently have an 80/20 line from which I get 35/7 performance, most of the time. It’s an unlimited service. Bandwidth usage is approaching 300GB a month. My current supplier is Timico a business ISP. As such I get great service […]

LinkedIn spam

Stop Press – wonderful LinkedIn invite

LinkedIn spam Just seen this wonderful invitation to connect on LinkedIn. See the featured image. As you can see it’s from ABDULKADIR BALA MOHAMMED – FORMER MINISTER OF FEDERAL CAPITAL TERRITORY ABUJA NIGERIA I was so excited by it I had to drop writing a post on how I’m going about choosing a new broadband provider […]

Technology: a generation gap or fear of the unknown?

Fear of tech – can’t understand it meself Zoe Easey is a web dev and co-founder of Epix Media. She discusses the fear of tech and whether it is a generational thing. I have friends and work contacts that constantly profess “I don’t do tech” which scares me a little – how can you not […]

spam phone calls

Our records show you work in shipbuilding

Multiple spam phone calls in one day and how I hate being called Mike It all started as I left the tube, just after 8am on Tuesday. The phone rang. No one calls me at that time of day. Unless… The kids have hurt themselves or the office is on fire (metaphorically). Usually something bad. So I […]

women in tech

Women in tech week social stats

Women in tech week on attracts high level of social media engagement It looks as if we will be carrying one or two women in tech week posts over into this week but as of this morning the statistics look very good. 12 posts received a total of 694 shares split as follows: 275 […]

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