Waitrose free paper and coffee – a partial dilemma #savetheplanet

by Trefor Davies on Saturday, 19 April, 2014

Just got a free newspaper and a cup of coffee from Waitrose. I don’t drink coffee but Anne does so I got her a black one to maximise the chance of it staying warm until I got it home. We only live 5 mins away.

I don’t read hard copy newspapers either. I get them all on the internet, at least those without a paywall. Now this did give me a bit of a dilemma. Here I was taking a freebie totally gratuitously knowing that I probably wouldn’t read it. My thinking was that it would come in handy to light the firepit this weekend. Not great from a planet saving perspective.

This marketing tactic of Waitrose has to be working big time. Anne never used to go there but she often does now. One of her friends just pops in for a coffee without even buying anything. The cost of a few coffee beans is nothing compared with the additional revenues from their more expensive quality groceries and they will get their papers at a heavily discounted wholesale rate.

I’ll finish with a little snippet of a conversation held with my wife over sms:

Anne: Fiery red rice for the salad available in Waitrose

Me: Yay – you can rely on Waitrose to get the basics right


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Why would you want to commute to work?

by Trefor Davies on Saturday, 19 April, 2014


Scene around Victoria Railway Station in Laandan. Have these people not heard of Google Hangout or Lync or Skype or any number of other collaboration & voip services?

It can’t be that necessary for them to be in the office. Wtf? Lol! This isn’t a one off scene. It’s like this every time I go there for ITSPA council meetings.

Ok London has a great after work social scene but you can’t do that every day. It’s too expensive & takes its toll on the body. Would be easier to work from home and pop in occasionally to catch up with colleagues and go for that lemonade.

On the train on the way home the commuters all look tired and miserable. Most of them are heading for Peterborough. None of them take a drink off the trolley. Let’s say a coffee is £2. That would be £10 a week or knocking on £500 a year you would have to add to the cost of your rail season ticket. A lot more if a gin and tonic is what you need. That’s why they don’t do it. I imagine.

Unified Communications or whatever it’s called these days is the answer. You probably already use it. Just use it a bit more.

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Cop this – one billion downloads

by Trefor Davies on Saturday, 19 April, 2014

You have to be impressed. Over one billion downloads for the Android Google Play app. It is worth noting though that with over one and a half million ratings which is a pretty good sample size the app only gets three and a half stars. You would think that Google would have had enough feedback to improve the app and up the rating to five stars for something with that many downloads.

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Forty shillings fine

April 19, 2014

Came across this in the Parcel Yard pub in Kings Cross Station. I liked it so took a photo. When you look at it you can almost imagine the steam trains chuffing by, whistle blowing, engine driver leaning out of his window with blue overalls,  cap and red neckerchief. Keep away from the line. Kids! […]

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A peck? Nay, a bushel!

April 18, 2014

Yesterday in Apocalypse Then, I wrote that having shifted from Mac to Windows upon starting a technical writing gig with TEA (Texas Education Agency) in 1993 that for the next fifteen years I paid “…nary a thought…to Apple and their Mac OS whatever-number.” Well, memory is a cagey, amorphous, and deceitful beast — one that […]

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An Open Letter to Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE

April 18, 2014

Hi Olaf. I hope you don’t mind the informal start to my letter as, after all, your company’s recent one to me regarding an increase in the price for my package from EE was as equally informal (I’ve popped a copy of it in the gallery below, though I’m sure you already know all about it). Before I start, […]

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Eleanor Cross for Lincoln – the carving starts

April 18, 2014

The carving of the new Eleanor Cross for Lincoln starts. Amazing that something of beauty can emerge from within a solid piece of rock – the mantra of the in awe armchair philosopher down the ages when describing a sculpture. This series of photos shows the start of the carving process. The videos are a short […]

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Parking Mad

April 17, 2014

In a moment of bonding with Kid4 we decided to watch some TV together. Unfortunately there was absolutely nowt on the box. We settled on a programme called Parking Mad. This has to be extreme desperation in TV programming. We wouldn’t have had the problem when there was only BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. In those […]

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Not Pink, Not Strong, Not Delicious

April 17, 2014

It’s been 3 days. I haven’t fallen in love yet. I don’t think it’s going to happen. No, I am not falling in love with this new phone. I thought this would be the one. A female college roommate once told me, “Men learn to like the women they love, whereas women learn to love […]

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Easter bunny – one for the ladies – have a nice holiday y’awl

April 17, 2014

Yanow I’m a big softie really. This is a simple photo of a display of flowers in my local Tesco complete with Easter bunny. Aww. One for the ladies – I doubt any of my former rugby playing chums would be interested in such a pic. What do I care? Have a nice Easter weekend. I hope […]

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Apocalypse Then

April 17, 2014

I will start with a question, and feel free to answer simply by raising your hand. Have any of you out there who have read this far ever felt a near-overwhelming bloodlust with regard to a PC, wanting to hoist it over your head and smash it at your feet (or, even better, on the […]

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