About raised it’s pretty little head above the parapet of the world wide web on the 19th May 2008. The site covers many aspects of the communications world from the perspective of people living and working in the internet industry.

Particular areas of interest are Network Connectivity, Cloud, Mobile and Unified Communications which are covered with a fairly happy go lucky attitude which on occasion can get serious.

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Communications are normally via Twitter, Google hangout (tref at trefor dot net) or via Skype (trefor dot net).

About Trefor Davies

Tref has spent over thirty years working in the technology business, half of the time being spent at senior executive level. This has ranged from engineering and technical marketing in the semiconductor industry (MEDL, GEC Plessey Semiconductor & Mitel Semiconductor) where he led the team that developed the first integrated IP phone processor. Then followed a stint in the telecoms world (Mitel) where he worked on one of the first SIP PBXs.

After Mitel he started a number of businesses that ultimately in 2004 led to him becoming co-founder and CTO of Timico, a Communications Provider.  Timico grew, in the roughly ten years he was there, to a turnover of over £43 million with 250 staff. In December 2013 he left Timico to get back into startup mode.

During his years at Timico Tref was involved in pretty much every aspect of the Communications Provider business. This included running network operations and development teams, sales, and pre-sales and this blog served as a very high profile aspect of Timico’s own marketing activity. At Timico he was part of a multidisciplinary team that performed due diligence and acquired five ISPs and was active in the successful integration of these ISPs into the company infrastructure.

His time at Timico saw the growth of the business broadband subscriber base from 850 tails to over 25,000 and a highly successful MPLS business encompassing hundreds of Ethernet circuits. Other technology plays included a data centre build at the Timico campus in Newark, a multi-tenant mobile APN data network solution using O2, a Cisco/EMC cloud solution and a Genband (Nortel) carrier scale hosted VoIP platform.

Tref has been very involved with the industry in which he works having being on the boards of both ISP and ITSP trade associations, served on the IPv6 Advisory Panel to Ed Vaizey, Minister for the Internet at DCMS and the Technology Reference Panel of the Information Commissioner’s Office. In January 2013 he was elected a Director of the LONAP Internet Exchange Point and is well known as a chair of technology industry workshops and discussions.

He has organised a number of high profile events including the carrier pigeon vs broadband race in 2010 (global exposure on all mainstream TV and radio stations) and the Move Over IPv4 Bring on IPv6 event to mark the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space in 2011. This has extended to a close relationship with mainstream media with the result that is linked to by sites such as the BBC, Guardian and Telegraph.

Tref is involved as a non-executive director, consultant and advisor with a select number of technology businesses. If your business is expanding and you are looking for assistance with your strategy and direction or if you are looking for advice in the European networking/telecom space he may be able to help.  Give him a ring on 07957 904477.

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Dear Trefor

Do you communicate with consumers, ie end users of CPs’ services? I am one and am currently in training to run a business online.
I have an issue with LLU and number mobility and wondered whether you’d be willing to respond.
With kind regards,

Give me a shout in the office via voice or email if you like or by all means continue with this thread with any specific questions.

Hi Tref,

It was good to meet you in Bray tonight at the Dell event. The chips made the night for me and the company was good too. I’m a heavy user on linkedIn but use it as a security forum for bouncing ideas around but I can see I could learn a lot from your blog content. I’ve just started helping a partner called Assuria with theirs as an avenue to discuss some security good practise and they were also at the event tonight.

Good luck


Thanks Dave – it’s good to get about and meet people. Security is a very interesting field ot be in at the moment and it is going to get more so I’m sure



Hi Trefor,

Thank you for posting your 4G speed test findings in London. It helped me decide whether to spring for a new plan or not, and on which network! I happened to notice that your header graphic was a bit confusing to me, so I thought I’d mention it. It reads “Fresh IP Communications Comment”…whereas I think the designer meant it to read “IP Communications/Fresh Comment.” It’s a subtle difference, but it comes off as a confusing group of words the way it is now. Thanks again for the helpful post!