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Technology department is in the soup

When we say “in a bit of a stew” we typically mean we have a problem. Well I’m sat here having lunch with the Timico Solutions Team and I have to say we are “in a bit of a soup”.

The mood of the day is, of course, lean and mean and the team is now paying for its pre-Christmas excesses which typically involved biscuits, chocolate, KFCs and Big Macs. We still have umpteen empty Quality Street and Roses  tins lying around the office.

Just for completeness, Julie is on tomato cupasoup, Dean is on chicken and vegetable cupasoup, Gareth is on an indeterminate chicken, Wayne has gone posh and is on Covent Garden Wild Mushroom (on offer for £1 we understand and containing a small trace (0.6%) of wild funghi), Will hasn’t made his mind up depending on what they have on in the canteen and I am very pleased to say that I have had an excellent spinach and lentil with chillies, made by the fair hand of Mrs Anne Davies.  

I’m sure that you all get the vibe here. Engineering at Timico is going to be running superfit in 2009.

PS no product endorsment is intended. Other fattening  junk  food is available and soup is not guaranteed to offset the effects 🙂 .

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2 replies on “Technology department is in the soup”

indeterminate chicken soup ?? It was convent garden I’ll have you know tref!

Having said that, Soup does give you that healthy eating vibe which seems to offset the guilt of having a kebab at the weekend…and a bacon sandwich on friday 🙂

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