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The Long And The Short Of IT – Or IT Isn't All About Size

In some respects Timico is punching above its weight but our philosophy is to reach for the stars, which might be why we were 4th in the Sunday Times Techtrack last year.

The long and the short of it a company is only as good as its people. Michelle Sharp is Director of Customer Services at Timico. Gareth Bryan is a Technical Solutions engineer and is often out and about on customer sites. Both are pictured below.  You need to scroll down below the photo to appreciate that all is not what it seems.


Using the ruler (30 cms or 1 foot) in the photo as a reference there is a prize for guessing the size difference between the two.  Bonus points for getting their actual heights right. (Timico staff need not apply 🙂 )


Photo taken with Nokia E71

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