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Episode 2 – JFDI – Just Farmers Digging for Internet access

This is episode two of the Lancashire based rural soap opera in which farmers dig for victory in the Battle of Digital Britain and Fibre To The Home. Yesterday’s post attracted a lot of attention which suggests there is a great deal of interest in this subject. 

Note in this acronym infested industry I had never quite understood (I’m an innocent boy from small town Wales) what JFDI meant and obviously kept quiet about it to avoid embarrassment.  Now I realise it stands for Just Farmers Digging for Internet Access! :-).

Looks like there might be a third episode coming along in this video manual on how to lay fibre. NTL et al take note!

It really does feel as if you are there when you watch this video. Good luck to all rural dwellers everywhere.

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

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One reply on “Episode 2 – JFDI – Just Farmers Digging for Internet access”

yah! thanks for blogging it, we really were there and it is very windy up here, will try to limit the sound effects next time. further installments coming soon, thanks for supporting us rurals, we need all the help we can get to become part of Digital Britain.

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