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Cloud Computing Summit – Martin Bellamy to Speak

The Cloud Computing Summit got my attention, and it should have yours, too.

I don’t typically go around endorsing conferences and trade shows, but this one looks quite interesting. What caught my eye initially was the fact that Martin Bellamy — the Government’s “Cloud Computing boss” — is speaking.  It was certainly news to me that the Government had such a person, though looking at his bio he is actually Director, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer Cabinet Office.

I have a feeling that I will be writing a lot on the subject of cloud computing during the coming months. It is starting to come of age and certainly arousing interest amongst our customers. The conference is being organised by BusinessCloud9.

In a similar vein worth a read is this arcticle published by The Register last week. It’s all based on the same general principle, call it what you like, cloud computing or virtualisation.

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One reply on “Cloud Computing Summit – Martin Bellamy to Speak”

Martin Bellamy is indeed coming along to our event as is Adam Afriyie, the current shadow minister for Science and Innovation who has a strong Cloud Computing interest.

On the back of the Digital Britain report, the potential to transform the way government services are deliverered is enormous. It’s already begun in the US and in Japan and the recommendations in the Digital Britain report are very positive. Martin Bellamy will be the front line of trying to deliver on the idea.

It’s also worth noting that the Tories are very Cloud-focused, particularly in relation to NHS IT. So if the opinion polls are accurate and stay as they are, by this time next year Cloud Computing could be a very high up element on the political agenda.

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