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Digital Britain meeting with Stephen Timms Communications Minister

I have a meeting with Stephen Timms, Communications Minister at his office next Thursday. The topic of discussion is largely going to be Digital Britain.

If anyone has a specific internet related issue they want to pitch to me to bring up then please drop me a line through the usual channels.

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Trefor, no idea what the usual channels but I will treat this as it.

I made a submission to DB on the USO which included funsing it with a 50p on all BB connections but it would be matched with the annual spectrum fees. (submission on DN site) Some of the latter is happening which is good but in another submission I suggested the following and I would love to know to see if there is any give.

I suggested a DB plan needed to include a converged data transport fabric of fixed and mobile access. This would demand a rethink of the auction heist. It would also demand we review the nature of Ofcoms market definitions and splitting between data transport and the services that run on the transport.

There is nothing to suggest in Ofcoms consult on NGN that this is on the agenda. Rotten timing I know, but I would welcome a reaction as if we are serious then this is one part of a strategic plan.

you could always take me too? lol, only joking.
Please could you ask him about the BET scam and tell him I beg and plead for him not to let the telcos get away with it. There are far too many DACS in rural areas, and laying new copper (which they will) is not the answer when copper is more expensive than fibre. They will do this to keep the copper cabal in power and effectively stifle digitalbriain’s potential for at least another decade. The fact that they haven’t done bonding on a large scale already is proof they aren’t interested in helping rural areas until the sniff of funding appears. If there is going to be any help for rurals the money must be spent wisely, and fibre is the answer. The communities will JFDI themselves if there are handy POPs. This will stimulate the telcos into providing the same in more profitable areas.

Well I hope you can ask him all that. I realise you will have your own questions and stuff for him.

Good luck. We can get IT through to them all if we keep at it. Real next gen will set this country on ITs feet again.

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